Orlando Water Damage Restoration

Trust Cooper Bros Restoration of Orlando for Immediate Relief Against Water Damage!

At Cooper Bros Restoration of Orlando, FL, we’ll fix any water damage to your property.

#1 Restoration Contractors to Clean Up Water Damage

Need Orlando water damage restoration? We use vacuums & pumps to extract and dry off any water while the use dehumidifiers does a great job with dry up restoration. Water black? One source of black water is sewage (hence the name). Whether you’re in North Orlando or Orlando, FL our techs can help!

Depending on the source, there could be health risks either from direct contact with water or from exposure, so a water damage problem needs fixed fast. We can even help with insurance restoration in Orlando Central Florida, remodeling fixtures to deal with water damage.

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Annie Dalton

Orlando, Florida

The IICRC water damage restoration technician (wrt) knew exactly what he was doing. Call Cooper Bros Restoration & hire the right team for water damage restoration from the get-go!

Robert Schafer

Southeast Orlando, Florida

My IICRC water damage restoration technician (wrt) was John Cooper. He found multiple types of water damage in my home, but was able to remove the water & fix all damages quick!

Water Damage Services

In Orlando, FL, water damage to your home is a common occurrence in the home. Our connected dry up restoration is an IICRC certified and professionally trained water damage restoration service in Orlando, FL. Plus, we’ll use the best method of water damage restoration based on the damage present.


Flooded with water? We can completely rebuild and restore the damage caused to your home.

Mold Prevention

Our water damage restoration techs stop mold and complete each step of the restoration on schedule.

Remove Moisture

We'll use tools that easily attract water from its surroundings through absorption to remove moisture.


Water and flood damage is something that a lot of planning is needed to ensure everything is fixed right.


Water damage restoration means taking care of any ruined or damaged electronics for safety.

Interior Building

The damage and water are still likely in place even if you tried to remove it. Interior building removes this!

Schedule Your Free Inspection

Finding the cause of any kind of water damage is a crucial step in the restoration. Call for a free in-home inspection!

Recent Damage Restorations

Has standing water resulted in damage caused to your home? We’re here for your water damage restoration needs. Our techs extract water from homes and can assist anyone that deals with water damage. Cooper Bros Restoration in Florida for water damage restoration will always sterilize the water damaged area(s).

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